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Hey there! I'm Fermín Fernández Díaz (Narthelus), an argentinian aspiring indie gamedev. This is my first ever published game project and I hope you love it as much as I do.

The game is currently in development and it originated from a College Assignment. At the moment, it is lacking an ending and final boss. I am also planning to add an intro cutscene and little tad bits of storytelling to enrich the experience. I decided to publish it so that i am able to get some useful feedback. I hope you enjoy playing my game!

Current Ver.: Alpha 7.0

Supported Platforms (ATM): Windows.

Controls (Gamepad Supported!):

ASD / Keyboard Keys / Analog Stick - Basic Movement including jumping.W / Up Key / (Gamepad) A - Jump.

Z / (Gamepad) X - Attack (Attack 3-times to get an empowered third attack).

Hold down Z - Wind Slash

Have fun!

Patch Notes 6.8:

- Added Wind Slash Technique at lvl 7.

- Buffed Shovelon's Speed.

Patch Notes 6.9:

-Haven't really added any real new features, but I fixed a couple of annoying little bugs.

-Little surprise at Level 10, while waiting for the boss fight release. ;)

Patch Note 7.0:

-Added an early version without one of it's attacks of the final boss of the demo the "MADPOT". An evil cooking pot with pasta extremities and a deadly wooden spoon of doom called "SPOOWND"!


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