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Hey there! I'm Fermín Fernández Díaz (Narthelus), an argentinian aspiring indie gamedev. This is my first ever published game project and I hope you love it as much as I do.

The game originated from a College Assignment. I do not intend to give it any more support because I feel It's already in a state I'm happy with. I hope you enjoy playing my game!

Current Ver.: FINAL

Supported Platforms (ATM): Windows.

Controls (Gamepad Supported!):

ASD / Keyboard Keys / Analog Stick - Basic Movement including jumping.W / Up Key / (Gamepad) A - Jump.

Z / (Gamepad) X - Attack (Attack 3-times to get an empowered third attack).

Hold down Z - Wind Slash

Have fun!

Patch Notes 6.8:

- Added Wind Slash Technique at lvl 7.

- Buffed Shovelon's Speed.

Patch Notes 6.9:

-Haven't really added any real new features, but I fixed a couple of annoying little bugs.

-Little surprise at Level 10, while waiting for the boss fight release. ;)

Patch Note 7.0:

-Added an early version without one of it's attacks of the final boss of the demo the "MADPOT". An evil cooking pot with pasta extremities and a deadly wooden spoon of doom called "SPOOWND"!

Patch Note 7.1:

-The polishing on 2 of the 3 total attack modes Madpot will have continues as I finish coding the third ranged mode. 

-Added animations for running, attack and jump movements of Madpot

-Balancing the Sword Slash now it depletes after a short period of time if you keep on holding to it without throwing it to destroy evil!

Patch Note 7.2:

-The full release of the Madpot Boss fight is finally here fellas. Added the second and final attack style the "Go-fly-'n-Shoot-Players" mode... or you could just call it the ranged mode. 

-Sfx for the bullets shooting from Madpot are placeholders.

-The defense state of Madpot now deflects your wind slashes! No more mindless charging and throwing.

-The wind slash no longer depletes when you keep on charging.

Patch Note 7.3:

-Polished some minor gameplay stuff.

-Changed how you realise when you have a key or not, now it comes alive and actually follows you around! I know ... weird right?

-Added signposts before each key item or skills so that the player actually realises he or she has a new ability to throw around.

-Changed the victory theme for the boss fight, planning on making a full on cutscene and the credits roll on 7.4.

-Added a new sprite to closed doors for added clarity on the player so that he knows when he has a key or not.

Patch Note 7.4:

-Finally added the cutscenes for the intro of the game and when you defeat Madpot.

-Added credits.

Final: The game is finally finished thanks to everyone who tested the game and gave me feedback! Hope you like the end result!

Published 68 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval, MIDI, Pixel Art


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